Rattan and Weaving

Mehitabel was the first the rattan furniture manufacturer to establish itself in Cebu, Philippines and is responsible for Cebu becoming a center for rattan design and manufacturing.  Over the years, Mehitabel has developed its skill set in furniture making to include wood, metal, stone and other materials, but has never forgotten its roots.

A member of the palm family, rattan grows vine-like, spreading through tropical rain forests and reaching hundreds of meters in length.  Mehitabel has a full stock of rattan varieties and sizes and maintains a complement of rattan craftsmen and weavers.  As a furniture material, rattan is unparalleled.  When heated, rattan can be bent and formed into unique shapes, and after cooling becomes a sturdy frame on which to weave a variety of fibers such as rattan peel, reed, rattan core, and even leather.