Mehitabel Today/Mission

Today, Mehitabel is owned, in its entirety, by Josephine Aboitiz Booth, Robert L. Booth and Maria Luisa Booth.

The new millenium has brought stiff competition from other Asian manufacturers in Indonesia, Viet Nam and China.  Mehitabel responded to this challenge by honing its manufacturing process and elevating its skill set.  The Company is unparalleled in its ability to assemble structurally sound, fine, hand-crafted furniture that incorporates hand-carved detailing, stone and wood inlays, multi-layered lacquer finishes, silver and gold leafing, custom finished metal hardware, and the latest in technological innovations like video, sound, light, and appliance integration, integrated charging stations, and power supply management.

Mehitabel continues to be a prominent member of the Philippine furniture industry and serves a number of high-end retail furniture companies and retail stores in the United States, Europe and Asia.  Mehitabel designs have been featured under many private labels. Mehitabel has a full-service furniture manufacturing facility at its Main Plant in Talamban, Cebu, Philippines.  In addition to its state-of-the art wood and rattan manufacturing facilities, the Company has a metal foundry and a complete upholstery department.


 We are a team dedicated to producing mid to high end quality furniture  for the world market, delivering value to our customers in a timely manner and satisfying the unique interests  of our stakeholders.