Mehitabel has state-of-the art machinery and processes to ensure that each piece of furniture is manufactured to meet or exceed the customer’s expectations.  Machines such as our CNC Panel Saws, CNC Point to Point machines, Short Cycle Through Feed Presses, Multi-Head Molders, and our 400 cart finishing line ensure that our products will be made to customer specifications.  An organized and well-managed production line and production load balancing is the key to our efficiency.  All craftsmen are trained to maximize the use of their skills and knowledge, and many craftsmen have multiple skill sets to aid in balancing of production.  The following is a short-list of the types of furniture production that can be served in our facility:

  • Rattan, bamboo and wicker construction and weaving
  • Wood furniture production and assembly
  • Marquetry and Wood Inlay
  • Wood Carving
  • Custom hardware
  • Spray, hand stained, hand glazed, lacquer and polished finishes, distressing, crackled, and gold and silver hand leafed finishes
  • Leather and parchment wrapped furniture
  • Upholstery and cushions
  • Furniture components such as stainless steel, iron and brass are fabricated by qualified and experienced subcontractors carefully selected by Mehitabel