Mehitabel’s primary business is focused in the manufacture of fine wood and rattan furniture.  However, our many years of experience in the furniture manufacturing industry has led to our ability to manufacture, source and support a variety of other materials which include woven materials such as abaca, wicker, rattan peel, palm and other natural fibers.  More recently, a large selection of synthetic fibers are also available for use in outdoor applications.  Mehitabel can also produce cast resin furniture or components.

Wood products can be weathered, fumed, stained, or reclaimed to satisfy any design scheme.  Mehitabel is experienced in building mixed medium furniture, incorporating metal, stone and wood into pieces to create architectural and textural interest.  Wood cabinets and chairs can be covered in woven or parchment leather, dyed a multitude of colors, and combined with metal fittings to create a dramatic statement piece.  Mehitabel’s broad experience in product sourcing means that Mehitabel is up to any design challenge.

Mehitabel’s upholstery craftsmen and women were trained by first-rate European upholstery experts.  This experience translates into a first-rate product.  Our upholstery craftsmen and women can work with a variety of fabrics, including leather, silk, abaca cloth, and hand-woven materials.  Whether you specify studs, pleats, welts, baseball stitching, button tufting, or a free-form patchwork, our final product is only limited by the designer’s imagination.