In the Philippines and inside the intimate world of furniture making, Mehitabel’s name is synonymous with craftsmanship and elegance.  Over the years, Mehitabel has cultivated a design aesthetic that has its roots in classical furniture design, with an eye to high style and elegance.  In a sense, Mehitabel embodies the high-flying Asian spirit.  Because of our presence in Asia, Mehitabel is able to express the unique eclectic nature of Asian design.  The best of Spanish, Chinese and Tribal influences inspire and motivate our passion for design, yet our roots are buried in the foundation of our 65 years of experience in making fine classic furniture that is treasured for generations.

To our retail customers we offer a portfolio of designs ranging from classical to avant-garde and have the ability to develop designs that are purposed for the end-user or that embody the customers’ marketing strategies.

For customers with their own design inspiration, our Product Development and Design Team works closely with the designer to ensure that the concept moves seamlessly from idea to schematics to sample, improving at each stage of the process.